Model 20181 - Cast/Ductile Iron UVT

• Available sizes from 4” and Up
• Bro
nze / Stainless Steel Throat Material
• Flange ratings meeting ANSI Standards
• Accuracy .5% Uncalibrated /.25% Calibrated
• 25 Year Warranty

The Model 20181 Universal Venturi Tube (UVT) is a differential producing, primary measurement device for accurately metering water, sewage, air and other fluids for both municipal and industrial applications.

The UVT is a multipurpose, short laying length, efficient and economical device that is time proven and unmatched in the industry. It’s genesis is the clear and outstanding leader for proven, substantiated, and documented performance.

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Model 20182 - Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Insert UVT

• Single Piece Molded FRP Standard
• Special Throat / Flange Material Available
• .75% Accuracy U Color ncalibrated
• Multiple Configurations / Sizes Available
• 20 Year Warranty

The Model 20182 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Insert Universal Venturi Tube (UVT) is a differential-producing, primary-flow, metering element to accurately measure water, air gas acids, alkalies, slurries, etc., where low head loss with highest accuracy is desired.

This corrosion-resistant, low-cost and lightweight UVT is made of fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester resign, Derakane*. Design and construction make it less expensive, longer lasting and competitive with metal orifice plates. The insert design permits installation within the pipeline flanged pipe joint - no special equipment foundations are required.

*Derakane is a trademark of Dow Chemical Company

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Model 20183 - Fabricated Design

• Standard Sizes Available
• Multiple uses of Materials for Construction
• Pressure Vessel / Insert / Bi-Directional / Rectangular
• Accuracy from .5 % to 1% (Uncalibrated)

To fill the varied demands in the field of fluid measurement, BIF offers the Universal Venturi Tube (UVT) in a series of designs that allow the use of many metals in the form of rolled plate, forgings, and bar stock.

Thus, the combined advantages of power savings from low head loss, maximum accuracy, and short laying length can be obtained in metals proven best for a given application. The intermediate and larger flow tubes (generally from 8” up) are strong weldments of rolled or forged sections. Smaller tubes are machined from bar stock for customer savings, depending on availability of materials. All surfaces are precisely machined to UVT formula for accurate prediction of flow characteristic

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Model 20184 - Rectangular UVT

• Designed for Air Ducts, Channels, etc.
• Accuracy 1%
• Built in Flow Conditioning
• Various Materials of Construction

The Model 20184 Rectangular venturi eliminates the need for long transitional runs required when using a circular flow metering device in rectangular channels. This results in reducedhead loss, reduced space requirements, and overall cost savings in installation costs.

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Model 20189/340W Isolated Probe System

• Highly Accurate and Stable MycroSENSOR provides long-term accurate flow measurement
• Utilizes standard venturi probe dimensions, it is the smart replacement for the SBFII
• Original SBF configuration can also be accomodated
• Can be calibrated with a universal Hart configuration, or locally using integral magnetic read switches
• Consists of built-in transfer function, characterizer, totalizer, and PID controller
• Complete modular design with interchangeable & repairable electronic cards & pressure sensor probes

With recent upgrade in new technology and testing, BIF spells the end to problems created by deposits, fouled pressure lines and gas entrapment that can occur when metering solids bearing fluids, while still providing highly sensitive detection of flow signals produced by the UVT™.

Over thirty years ago, BIF introduced solids bearing fluid measurement with the introduction of the SBF and then SBFII configurations. This latest release dramatically improves the design and overall performance of the system through advancements made in transmitter technnology.

Through the use of variable capacitance etched silicon diaphragm transducers, the IPS measures wastewater, pulp stock, light slurries, and other suspended solids bearing fluids with UVT accuracy and dependability.

The Universal Venturi Tube, which can be coated with deposit resistant lining, represents the most predictable, reliable, primary flow element available. Accuracy of the UVT is 0.5 percent without calibration. The IPS out-performs mag meters, sonic transit time meters, and doppler meters in many ways.

What makes the IPS even more ideal as a flow metering system is that it can be easily reset, tuned, and quickly verified with a simple manometer in the field. No more guess work on the volume of flow being measured. Flowmetering accuracy is assured by faithfully reproducing the most minute changes in the flow signals.

For complete flowmetering accurcy and dependability that you can verufy in the field, there is nothing equal to the BIF Isolated Probe System.

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Model 20610 - Flow Controller

• Line Sizes 6" to 24"
• Choice of Operators
• Low Installed Cost
• Tight Closing Butterfly Valve
• Minimized Laying Length for Tight Fits

The BIF Model 20610 Universal Venturi Rate-of-Flow Controller, combines the performance and reliability of the world class UVT™ Model 20181 flow meter and the dependability of a butterfly valve, to offer many benefits to Rate-of-Flow Control applications. More than 70 years experience in the manufacture of flow and final control elements ensure the user of a proper hydraulically designed and engineered flow control loop for water and wastewater applications.

The Model 20610 is an integrated Universal Venturi flow meter, pressure recovery section and control valve. It ensures the user of the outstanding performance of the Universal Venturi Tube™, incorporating high metering accuracy, minimum sensitivity to upstream piping, low differential pressure noise level, installation flexibility, and years of maintenance-free operation. The Model 20610 is adaptable to the typical close-coupled, direction-changing piping environment frequently encountered in a filter piping gallery. The fully developed throat and piezometer vent location eliminates the susceptibility to hydraulic 'noise' caused by the fluid acceleration and deceleration produced by the mutiple fittings and short piping approaches.

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